Set A New Colour For The WordPress Theme

wordpress theme design

       wordpress theme design

WordPress is a tool that performs the webpage creation, edition and management functions.  It is the most widely used PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor) based web-blogging tool. WordPress also allows multiple bloggers to access the page and make changes and modify the page.

So if you are a wordpress neophyte, you can go the website to download and start using the freeware. You can use a WordPress theme design and start creating the webpage.

To change the background colour of the theme

You can change the background colour of the WordPress theme to improve the look and feel of the webpage.

  • In the HTML computer language there is a six character code string that denotes a specific colour. Whatever colours you choose you need to know its code. You can easily find this online. Just search for the HTML based code for the chosen colour. Each colour code will have a hash tag (#) in the beginning.  Some commonly used codes are #FF0000 for red, #0000FF for blue, #FFFFFF for white etc.
  • Now go to the WordPress dashboard. Open the ‘Appearance’ wizard and click on the ‘Editor’ option. Under the menu ‘Styles’, open the style.css style sheet.
  • Now copy the contents of the .css sheet on to a newly opened text pad.

In case, if you end up making the wrong changes or made changes in the wrong .css file, you can go back and use this saved text file to revert the changes.

  • Now you can go the ‘Dashboard’ editor and make changes in the style sheet. You should look for the line that contains the tag ‘BODY’. This is the program line that assigns various attributes to the body of the web page. The assigned attributes will be mentioned after the BODY tag within the {} brackets. This will include the background colour, the background image and so on.

    colour code

                wordpress themes

  • Now you can change the background colour to a colour of your choice by changing the colour code. In the attribute tag ‘Background: #000000’ should be changed to ‘Background: #0000FF’ for blue or ‘Background: #FF0000’ for red background colour.
  • Now save the file by pressing the ‘Update file’ option. Similarly you can change the colour of the text, the colour in which the links are displayed and so on. Find the tag ‘Colour: #000000’ and change it to say ‘Colour: #0000FF’ (for blue).

So you have made some changes to your WordPress theme design and customized the text and the background colours, background images etc. Once you have updated the file the webpage will display these changes.

Things To Know About WordPress Design

Wordpress Theme Design

        Design WordPress Theme

Are you worried about the cost of getting assistance for WordPress theme design? Well, that is dependent on what you want to get done for the design of your website.

The various options associated with the same are listed below:

Basic Design

You can get a qualified designer to assist you for less than $100 if you are in search of minimal tweaks for an existing theme. This could be a change in the font or a change of color. You can even get a header file uploaded.

Upgraded Design

It is a little more expensive if you are aiming for comprehensive tweaking of the current WordPress theme. The underlying aim is to make your site look more unique.

Customized Design

The fee will be several thousand dollars if you want to get a highly customized site that is unique. This includes design elements for your site, not to mention functionality.

Do bear in mind that if additional functionality as well as bits and pieces which you tweaked on your WordPress site is more, more will be the cost of the design work. Designers will demand money depending on the large-scale design work or by the work-hour in the case of little changes and tweaks.


       Know About WordPress Design

Pick a good designer

Prior to working with a WordPress designer, you will have to get several estimates with respect to your project. You will also need recommendations for the work of a designer prior to committing yourself to anything. The skill of every designers may not be the same. It is of utmost importance that you make time to visit sites designed by them and check whether those sites function well and live up to your expectations. While searching, keep your mind really open. Look for other sites that you like and wish to emulate using a site design of your own. Ask for estimates for completion of the specific project. Also look for recommendations from the designer. It is of utmost importance to choose a good designer who understands what you have in mind.

With that, I conclude this discussion on WordPress theme design. I believe I have given you all required information for the same. Implementation of the given guidelines is entirely in your hands.

Do not take this task lightly. Pay meticulous attention to minute details while designing a WordPress theme. Only then will you be able to attract prospective visitors.

All You Need To Do To Edit WordPress Themes

Wordpress Theme Design

           Customize WordPress Themes

WordPress performs dual functions of being a content management system as well as a free and open source blogging tool. Some of its key features include a template system, not to mention plug in architecture. As of now, WordPress takes credit for being the most popular blogging system on the internet.

Things to know about WordPress themes

Those who use WordPress have the option to install and manage different themes. Themes let users make some changes to the overall look as well as functionality of a WordPress website. Of course, the content of the WordPress website will remain unchanged.

It will do you well to know how WordPress themes can be edited. Some guidelines to help you make changes to the overall WordPress theme design are given below.


  • Do you host your own WordPress blog website? If so, you will be in a position to customize or edit WordPress Themes. Do bear in mind that you will have limited blog editing capability if you possess a free blog application through WordPress website. This implies that you have to pay for your own blog domain name as well as hosting. One of the major benefits of having your own self hosted blog is that you will be able to control the way the blog looks. Those who use WordPress will be in a position to choose their blog theme.
  • Edit WordPress Themes

             Wordpress Themes Edited

    Do you wish to customize your WordPress blogging application? If your answer is yes, you will have to log into your blog admin panel. To do that, you have to go to the admin page of your blog website. Make use of the username and password which you created when your blog was first installed. After that, you need to login to the admin area. Once you enter the admin section of the blog, you are advised to go to the “Appearance” tab. You will see that on the left hand side of the page. Click on “Editor”.

  • When you enter the “Editor” page, you will be able to edit WordPress themes that you had uploaded to the server.
  • Would you like to change the color of the blog or make changes to images? This can be done by using the Cascading Style Sheet.

With that, we come to the end of the guidelines to make changes to the WordPress theme design.

Best Tips For Successful Parenting

scream free parenting

  Effective scream free parenting

Parenting is both an enjoyable and at the same time a troublesome phase in everyone’s life. It is indeed a beautiful thing nurturing a child, provided you know some scream free parenting tips. It is important to know that ‘like father, like son’ and this is one cardinal rule that you should never forget. Kids, especially when they are young learn and imitate the mannerisms of their parents. Therefore, you should take extra care and be cautious to lead by example. Always be careful to walk your talk, so that they follow your steps in the exact way you want them to. Read along to know more about a few effective scream free parenting tips.

Some tips for scream free parenting

No matter what the deed is, you should always take the responsibility of your child’s every action. To blame your kid for a simple mistake he or she makes can take a heavy toll on your credibility. On the other hand, there will be a strong bonding when you excuse your child and make him or her understand that the mistake should not be repeated in future. Patience is a great virtue. Be careful to never yell at your kid and that is indeed the most important scream free parenting tip.

Do not smoke or drink in front of your child. If you happen to do it, the kid will also fancy that it is something nice to practice. You should show the courage to admit your mistakes, as honesty is the best policy. Kids will also develop this habit and it will prove to be useful for them in future.

nurturing a child

          Best parenting tips

Never ignore or dismiss your child’s emotions. You are the real idol for you kids and they always rely on you. Pamper your child as much as you can. Such moments are so precious and your child will become more affectionate towards you.

Whatever you do, never break a promise. For instance, make sure that you gift your child a candy or toy if have told them that you will do so. Kids expect a lot especially when you have promised them.

Correct their mistakes in a kindly manner. This does not mean that you should never scold them. It is all right to be a little angry – do not let this anger get out of hand -, when they commit some terrible mistakes. This will make them understand that they are not supposed to repeat such mistakes ever again.

What Is A Working Capital Loan And Various Types Of It

Working Capital Loan

  Working Capital Loan Info

Working capital is one of the most complicated concepts in finance that most small business find difficult to comprehend. Actually, it can mean many things for different businesses and different people. To put it simply, it is the money required to finance the usual day-to-day operation or activities of a company.

Working capital makes sure that your business has enough money to pay off the liabilities and debts when they fall due. This option is usually opted by start-ups who need time for the business to flourish and become profitable. But before we discuss why a company acquires working capital loan, let us understand why a business needs working capital at the first place.

There is a useful tool known as operating cycle, which helps to determine a company’s working capital needs. An operating cycle helps to analyze the inventory, accounts payable (cycle), and the accounts receivable cycle. The problem arises when businesses are unable to finance or fund the operating cycle solely by accounts payable financing.

In fact, most businesses (especially start-ups) find it difficult. Profitable businesses can make use of their net profits to compensate the shortfall, but for beginners and small businesses may not have this luxury. This is where a working capital loan comes into picture.

What is a working capital loan?

A working capital loan is the money acquired by businesses for funding their day-to-day operational expenses. This loan is quite different from normal business loans, as it only covers the expenses incurred in daily operations of a business, and are granted only to companies having high credit score. The loan should be used only when an enterprise becomes unable of creating enough revenue for meeting its own operational expenses.

The various types of loans for meeting the working capital needs are noted below.

Accounts Receivable Cycle

   Get Working Capital Loan

Short-term loans: These loans provide a fixed payment period (usually for up to a year) and on a fixed interest rate. You are granted the loan against some collateral.

Line of Credit: Working capital line of credit is usually offered by banks, especially to start-up businesses. A credit line allows you to borrow money for your short-term expense needs.

There are many other types of working capital financing as well, which include factoring, trade creditors, equity, etc. Working capital has a direct and immediate impact on the cash flow of any business. Your choice of working capital funding can determine your business profitability. So, businesses need to be careful while assessing the lenders.

Easy Tips That Can Help You Cure Snoring

Cure For Snoring

             Snoring Cures

Usually, snoring is caused by the blockage in the airways of the throat. There can be many reasons for your snoring but mostly this is caused by the reverberation of the soft tissue. While sleeping, the relaxed soft tissue will fall back to the air passage, restricting the normal flow of air. This will make the air to flow with pressure, making the tissue to vibrate vigorously with the flow of air. This vibration is what is heard as the snoring noise.

There are numerous snoring solutions available in the market. Some of them like SnoreDoc are very effective in curbing the problem of snoring. There are other cures for snoring that can only burn a hole in your pocket. Before buying the snoring solution for you, you will have to find out the cause of your snoring. For this, you can seek help of a sleep clinic. The technician at the sleep clinic will monitor your sleep and this will help you find out the reason for your snoring. After finding the cause of your snoring, you can go for the cure for snoring. There are generic cures for snoring that treat some of the causes of snoring.

Anti Snoring Mouthpieces

                 Snoring Causes

You may try out some simple tips to get rid of snoring before investing your money on solutions that offer a cure for snoring. You can do exercises to strengthen the soft tissue and prevent the blockage of the air by the tissue. If you are used to sleeping on your back, you can change the sleeping position to your side. In this position, the tissues and muscles in the throat region will be prevented from falling back to the airway. Another thing that you can try is to lose weight. If you are an obese person, this will help you a lot to get rid of snoring.

If none of the above tips that offer a cure for snoring work for you, you can go for the anti snoring mouthpieces like SnoreDoc. This device is much effective in curbing the problem of snoring. SnoreDoc helps the user to keep their jaw forward. When the jaw is moved forward, the air will get ample space to flow freely and the vibration of the throat muscles will be prevented.

As per the reviews, SnoreDoc is very effective in preventing snoring from the first day of use. The steps to mold SnoreDoc are simple and can be followed from home. Order SnoreDoc today!

Klikyballs – The Effective Tool In Relieving Stress

Bucky Balls

             Use Bucky Balls

The properties of magnets always make people marvel. You might have fresh memories when you saw a magnet for the first time in your life. Think about a magnetic toy that makes you curious all the time while you play with it. Your spare time can definitely be made into fun time using an effective magnetic toy called bucky balls.

More about magnetic balls

When we discuss about magnetic balls, the initial name that comes to our mind is bucky balls. These magnetic balls are the best way to deal with our most depressed mood. Realize yourself being rejuvenated by spending some time on it. KlikyBalls are the most popular among bucky balls.

KlikyBalls are small spherical magnetic balls that come in a diameter of 5mm. These balls made of neodymium rare earth magnets are super strong and last for a lifetime. The toy comes in a pack that contains 216 magnetic balls. You will never lose one as these magnets stick with one another at all times.

KlikyBalls possess two magnetic poles just like any other magnet. The only difference is that they have a spherical structure, which makes it difficult to identify the poles. One pole is positive and the other one negative. One attracts while the other repels. Based on this principle, you could stack KlikyBalls easily.

Effective Magnetic Toy

             Buy Bucky Balls

Bucky balls are quite effective in treating stress, as your mind gets involved in the stacking process. Hence, you forget about your stress or thoughts that keep worrying you. Few minutes or hours with KlikyBalls will rejuvenate you and help change your mood quickly. KlikyBalls are the best in creating different structures, shapes and forms. Creating geometrical structures can turn quite effective using KlikyBalls. They are perfect for creating artistic forms too. Available in colors like black, silver, gold, blue, green and red, KlikyBalls helps you to create fabulous shapes. Your designs will look quite colorful and they will be perfect to adorn your living room or office desk.

Your desk novelty can attract your colleagues and everyone will appreciate your innovative efforts. Playing with KlikyBalls can become a habit as they are magnets that can keep you amused for long hours. They form the perfect gift for your friends and dear ones. Priced at 29.99 dollars, KlikyBalls are available online for purchase.

Use The Most Innovative Anti Snoring Remedy To Eliminate The Dreaded Disorder

Snoring Causes

             Eliminate snoring

It is not at all surprising that snoring is one most despised and dreaded disorders that can adversely affect people. Nobody will prefer to sleep along with a person who snores. The annoying sounds can cause sleep deprivation, which can lead to many serious health complications in the long run. Tiredness and lack of energy can turn out to be a major problem. The good news is that we do have one of the best solutions to eliminate snoring. It is known as SnoreDoc. First, let us look at the different snoring causes and then discuss about the ultimate snore cure.

Snoring causes and SnoreDoc

It is found that different people snore due to different snoring causes. In some, the snoring causes are physical anomalies or hereditary traits. It is found that people with enlarged adenoids and cracked soft palate tend to develop the habit of snoring. In others, being overweight can be the main reason for snoring. Unhealthy life styles such as drinking liquor and smoking cigarettes can also make a person develop the habit of snoring. This is because both drinking and smoking can create ailments that can trigger symptoms of snoring.

Unfavorable sleep positions can also pave way to snoring. Sleeping on the back will make the person snore. This is because the tongue will collapse at the backside of the throat and the jaws will shift positions. As a result, the air passage will shrink and the constricted flow of air might make the soft glands vibrate. If you have the habit of snoring, there is no reason to worry. SnoreDoc happens to be a path breaking anti snoring remedy that can curb the disorder forever.

Sleep Deprivation

                  Stop snoring

SnoreDoc is a compact mouth guard that can be easily placed inside your mouth. The device is lightweight and built with fine quality thermoplastic material. SnoreDoc comes in a strong case. You can store the device back into this case after using it. This is one reason why the mouth guard has a longer shelf life.

The main function of SnoreDoc is to hold your jaws firmly in place and avoid change of positions. This will enable you to inhale naturally through the nostrils and thus you will be able to stop snoring. SnoreDoc is toxic free and safe to use. There is no need to worry about any side effects or discomfort while you use it.

Place your order for SnoreDoc at the earliest. Forget about those troublesome days and enjoy the peaceful nights ahead. Order now!

Know About The Benefits Of Using Micro Needle Magic


             Microneedle Derma Roller

Acne can be termed as one of the most common dermatological conditions that affect millions worldwide. Although there are countless skin care solutions available in the market that claim to provide a permanent cure for acne, seldom do they prove to be effective. If you are genuinely looking for a remedy to get rid of this condition, I would suggest you try using a handheld device by the name Micro Needle Magic.

Micro Needle Magic has become popular across the globe due to the complete satisfactory results it ensures the users. This device uses the world-famous skin restoration technology of microneedling to perfection. Micro Needle Magic is a high-quality microneedle derma roller that acts specifically over the damaged part of the tissue and helps in replacing it with a new layer. Moreover, this advanced derma roller also increases the penetration capacity of the skin upto the dermal and epidermal layers to absorb the nutrients.

The procedure of microneedling involves rolling the Micro Needle Magic over the affected part of the tissue, most commonly the face. This advanced microneedle skin derma roller comprises of almost 540 microneedles made of titanium. These penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and destroy the damaged part of the tissue. During this process, tiny wounds are formed, which induce the formation of components such as collagen and elastin. These are responsible for the restoration of the tissue and a new layer is formed over the damaged part. Hence, Micro Needle Magic ensures that the skin issues never reoccur.

As mentioned above, the high-quality microneedle derma roller also ensures that the absorption capacity of the skin is improved. During microneedling, several pores are formed over the skin, which serve the purpose. So, the next time you apply skin care creams or ointments, the nutrients in these would get easily absorbed upto the dermal layers of the tissue. As a result, your skin would appear supple and more radiant.

Skin Care Solutions

          Microneedle Roller Benefits

Along with the removal of acne, Micro Needle Magic also helps in the removal of stretch marks as well as the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines across the face due to ageing. In short, you get unblemished skin quickly. Although there are no side effects associated with using Micro Needle Magic, it is recommended to apply a facial cream before you use this microneedle roller, especially if you have sensitive skin.

So, if you are in search of a complete skin care product to get rid of all your issues, buy Micro Needle Magic today itself. Make sure that you buy the original product instead of opting for any of the fake ones available in the market.

Website Development By Means Of WordPress Theme And Design

WordPress Theme Development

              WordPress Themes

WordPress happens to be website development software and is also referred to as a Content Management System. You can use it to develop or build an attractive blog site or website. This software is absolutely free. Just search for the newest version and download it from the Internet. Prior to downloading it, check the configuration of your computer to ensure that the download is feasible.

Tips for WordPress Theme Development

Only five minutes of your time is needed for installing it on your computer. The findings of a recent survey indicate that there happens to be 14.7% of some of the best websites currently making use of WordPress design and the numbers keep increasing by the minute. This Content Management System depends on MySQL and PHP. The launch of the first version took place on May 27, 2003. The newest version was launched in December 2011. Ever since it was launched, it has been downloaded over 65 million times. The best features of it are its availability and flexibility. Not only that, you have a broad choice of themes and designs available free of cost on the Internet.

WordPress themes happen to be a contributing factor that greatly enhances the overall appearance of the website. The theme must reflect what the website stands for or conveys what the site is about. Numerous WordPress themes are downloadable free of cost from the Internet.

Design Blog

            Develop WordPress Themes

You can classify themes into categories that include magazine, business themes, video, restaurant, real estate, travel theme and many more. You can access many themes by means of the Premium Membership. You can rest assured that the designs are good and use the themes that suit the website that you are planning to launch. For example, should your site be about beauty products, search for a theme showing soap, makeup, perfume and other such images.

WordPress designs can very well be used as the cover of the website. It is invariably the first thing that the visitors take note of. The design must be sufficiently artistic and should be inclusive of the title text and links to the site division. It will be a good idea to use graphics on the site.

When it comes to WordPress theme development, you will have to use your imagination and make it easy for the visitors to access the various sections of the site. Visitors should also be kept informed about where exactly they are.

Perform Microneedling Using Microneedle Magic

Derma Roller

     Microneedle Magic Derma Roller

There are several treatment methods that are available to treat various skin conditions like stretch marks, acne scars, wrinkles, and other scars. However, many of the treatments that are available are not up to the mark and finally end up losing your money and time. However, one of the best techniques that can be used to treat your skin scars and marks is Microneedling. Microneedling will help you to remove all the marks present in your skin by effectively healing your skin. Now, let’s look at it in detail.

Micro-needling is mainly carried out by using a special rolling device called Microneedle Derma roller. You can find many derma rollers in the market, which instead of fixing the issues on your skin end up causing damages to them because of the chemicals used. It is here where the role of Microneedle Magic comes in to play. It is a roller that can be used to treat all your skin scars and marks by sitting at home. In fact, it is considered as an economic way of treating your skin conditions and produces astonishing results.

What is Microneedle Magic?

It is actually a derma roller that contains hundreds of tiny microscopic needles. Therefore, when the Microneedle Magic is rolled over your skin, it will make some tiny pores, which later trigger the production of Collagen and help your skin to heal quickly and easily. In fact, the treatment using Microneedle Magic can be conducted without damaging the skin and will produce greater results when used along with skin care products.

Benefits of Microneedle Magic


         Derma Roller Benefits

One of the best benefits of using Microneedle Magic is the fact that it does not require surgery to remove the scars and marks present in your skin. The needles of Microneedle Magic do not cause any harm to your skin and it will make tiny pores that will help to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen. This will help to heal the scars and marks present in your skin. Some of the other benefits of Microneedle Magic derma roller are,

  • it gives long lasting results
  • it is safe  for use at home
  • No complexion changes or risks of scarring
  • it gives results similar to laser therapy

Dermatologists and skin specialists suggest that Microneedle Magic derma roller is the best option that you can consider when considering Micro-needling therapy. Go and get the product today itself. Order now!

Merits Of SnoreDoc Over Its Competitors

Cure For Snoring

             Remedies For Snoring

Many people around the world suffer from the ill effects of snoring. Even though you will find numerous anti snoring devices in the market, only a few could be helpful in alleviating your snoring issues and give you a good night’s rest. Now, among the various snoring solutions, SnoreDoc is the best cure for snoring, which has proved its effectiveness on millions of snorers. So, what are the merits of SnoreDoc, which makes it a leader among the various snoring solutions? Let us find out in detail.

Comfort and fit

You may find many other anti snoring solutions in the market. However, most of them may not fit your mouth perfectly and you might feel irritated wearing them. Now, SnoreDoc is a custom molded mouth guard that offers you a comfortable fit without any causing any annoyance. As the mouth guard gives a perfect fit, you will not even feel its presence during the sleep. This is also achieved due to the high quality materials with which it is made. According to the makers, only high quality thermoplastic materials are used in the making of this cure for snoring. Therefore, you can acquire a peaceful sleep with this amazing snoring cure.

Quick relief

Some of the snoring cures in the market are so slow in showing their effects that you may have to wait for many months for the results to show up. However, with SnoreDoc, you start to experience comfort and relief right from the beginning. Keep in mind that SnoreDoc is designed to position your jaws and tongue in such a manner that there is ample space for the air to pass through. As SnoreDoc starts to show its effect right from the first day of its use, it is considered as one of the quickest reliefs for snoring.

Anti Snoring Solutions

             Anti Snoring Devices

Highly affordable

This is the major advantage of SnoreDoc when compared to its competitors. SnoreDoc comes with a price tag of 49.99 dollars. Thus, it is priced much lower than other competitive products. Therefore, it is one of the most affordable snoring solutions, which one could choose.

With large number of advantages over its competitors, SnoreDoc, the best cure for snoring, is a clear winner when it comes to snoring solutions. Therefore, if the issues of snoring trouble you, then SnoreDoc is the answer.

You may order this amazing product from the official website of the manufacturer. Click here to place your orders for SnoreDoc!